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Caffeine Energy Gum

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Military spec caffeine gum has 100 Milligrams of caffeine per piece of gum

Compared to another popular brand which only has 40 Milligrams of caffeine per piece

Each $4.85

3 Pack $14

6 Pack $27

I discovered this gum a few years back and was really impressed that it is actually as good as it states compared to other caffeinated products that said they gave the same effect. So I'm really pleased to be a distributor of this product here in Australia.

I'm not a big believer or taker of stimulants, but when I was crewing and pacing for a friend in a 240km event on no sleep this really came in handy and I made the comment that I felt like I had the eyesight of a sharpshooter as I felt so alert.

Normally caffeine is delivered to the body in a tablet or beverage form, travels through the stomach and absorbed into the intestine lining, this whole process can take up to 45 to 90 minutes.

Research showed that with military spec caffeine gum the 100milligram dose of caffeine stimulant is absorbed through the tissues in the mouth; in 5 minutes of chewing 85% of the caffeine has already hit and after 10 minutes it goes up to 99%

100 Milligrams of caffeine per piece, 5 pieces of gum per pack